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So you are getting married... Congratulations!
Now let's get into planning your dream cake!

Cake Flavours

Whether you know exactly what you want, or are looking for inspiration, our Cake Flavours Guide will tell you everything you need to know about what we can make, flavour-wise. Have a look through our flavours list and if you see something you fancy please let us know when you send your enquiry!
If you have any other flavour ideas, we may be able to achieve this for you - just ask us!

Cake Size/Servings

Our servings amounts for each cake size is based off cake pieces being cut at 1x2x4 inch rectange pieces. Otherwise known as a ‘dessert’ size portion. This is the way most venues & chefs will automatically cut the cake pieces for your wedding (unless told otherwise!). This is due to the wedding cake usually being served as the main dessert. If your wedding cake is one of many desserts you could request coffee sized portions & therefore 
The way we recommend to cut your cake may be different to how you usually cut your cakes or how you plan to cut your cake. This is what works best for tall layered cakes and for us.

When choosing your cake size, please keep in mind:

  • How many guests you are feeding

  • If you would prefer larger pieces of cake, therefore you will require a larger cake. 

  • If you want left over cake after the event to keep for yourself and your friends/family

Example image of how cakes are cut:

Cake Pricing

An informal, intimate gathering? or a lavish spectacular party including relatives, friends and local papparazi? We can guide you to choose the right size cake to feed everyone, and even have leftovers if that is your plan. See our Custom Cake Price Guide for all the cake sizes we offer and their base prices.


We understand you may be working with a florist and wish to create your dream wedding cake to match. If so, we are happy to use the florals provided by your florist to decorate your cake, otherwise we are happy to source the florals ourselves but please keep in mind we cannot match them exactly to your florists arrangement.
See more about the flowers we use and other cake decorations in our Custom Add-ons, Flowers and Decorations Guide.

Custom Design Requests

Wedding Cakes Gallery  See our Wedding Cakes Gallery for inspo.

So, now you know what flavour(s) and size you'd like and have insporation images for us, you are ready for your quote!
You can recieve a free quote through our Custom Cake Enquiry page OR you can reach out to us via email;
We will get back to your enquiry within 48 hours. 

When you enquire with us please include as much information as possible such as:

  • cake size & layer amount or amount of serves required

  • flavour(s)

  • decorations/add-ons; flowers/toppers/plaques etc

  • the date and time of your wedding

  • if you would require delivery or if someone is able to collect your cake
  • dont forget to upload any reference or inspo pictures of your dream cake as well!


NOTE: At Cocoa Spice Cakery, we value the artistic integrity of other cake designers. We will never exactly copy or replicate the designs of other cake makers. We can use images as a reference and as inspiration but we will always have our own finishing touches and personal brand of cake styling, as each cake artist does. To be sure you’re happy with the way we decorate our cakes check out our Instagram and facebook pages.


Helpful info to make your ordering experience smoother: how to order, Store Policies, how to care for your cake and more.