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Chocolate Overload Number / Letter Cakes(7 days minimum notice)

Chocolate Overload Number / Letter Cakes(7 days minimum notice)

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Product Description
Two layers of cake cut into your selected letter and/or number. Decorated with buttercream blobs, macarons, gold or silver splatters and your choice of 4-6 chocolates - depending on your request!

Each cake is cut to a single letter or number. If you need a DOUBLE letter/number (eg. 18) choose the 'Double Letter/Number' option in the Quantity field. Please specify what letter/number you need in the Requests Box.

Cake Sizes
A single cake serves 20-30 pieces, depending on the letter/number.
Our serving sizes are based off 2”x1” style coffee portions - these are a tall skinny rectangle piece of cake.

How to Add a Topper
Toppers not included. To add a Topper or Personalised message, go to Toppers in the main menu and add to your cart.

What to write in Requests Box

  • Letter/Number required.
  • Your choice of 4-6 different chocolate bars!
  • Gold or silver splatters 
  • Any other special request relating to this item.

If you write nothing in Requests we will make the cake as per the first reference image on our website!!

*Please note, as all cakes are made to order there will be slight variations from the reference picture.