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Ombre Rustic Flower Cake (7 days minimum notice)

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Product Description
A beautiful cake covered in fluted ombré effect buttercream - white to any colour of your choice. Finished with a rustic edge, stunning floral arrangement and macarons. 

Cake Sizes
The inches round describe the width of the cake.
For example: 6” round = 15cm round cake 8” round = 20cm round cake

The layers indicate the height of the cake.
2 layers of cake = roughly 10cm tall (PLUS decorations/toppers on top)
4 layers = roughly 20cm tall (PLUS decorations/toppers on top)

Our serving sizes are based off 2”x1” style coffee portions - these are a tall skinny rectangle piece of cake.

How to Add a Topper
Toppers not included. To add a Topper or Personalised message, go to Toppers in the main menu and add to your cart.

What to write in Requests Box

  • Colour request (for ombré buttercream). Please be as descriptive as possible eg. 'aqua to white' or 'bright orange to white'. NOTE: Florals used are subject to seasonal availability - we cannot guarantee specific flowers, only colour schemes. 
  • Any other special request relating to this item.

If you write nothing in Requests we will decorate it like the picture. *Please note, as all cakes are made to order there will be slight variations from the reference picture. 

NOTE: Vegan cake replaces macarons with extra flowers.