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The Oreo Cake (7 days minimum notice)

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Product Description
Oreo swiss meringue buttercream covered cake with chocolate ganache top, Oreos, Lindt chocolate and silver or gold splatters. 

Cake Sizes
The inches round describe the width of the cake.
For example: 6” round = 15cm round cake 8” round = 20cm round cake

The layers indicate the height of the cake.
2 layers of cake = roughly 10cm tall (PLUS decorations/toppers on top)
4 layers = roughly 20cm tall (PLUS decorations/toppers on top)

Our serving sizes are based off 2”x1” style coffee portions - these are a tall skinny rectangle piece of cake.

How to Add a Topper
Toppers not included. To add a Topper or Personalised message, go to Toppers in the main menu and add to your cart.

What to write in Requests Box

  • Silver or gold splatter preference.
  • Any other special request relating to this item.

If you write nothing in Requests we will decorate it like the picture. *Please note, as all cakes are made to order there will be slight variations from the reference picture. 

NOTE: GF option uses GF Oreo substitute. Vegan option contains dairy free Lindt bar and ganache.