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About Us

Cocoa Spice Cakery was brought to life by owner Zoe Spicer in 2021, alongside her partner Josh.
Zoe has always had a passion in baking, cake decorating and food in general, she completed her Cert 4 in Patisserie in 2017 and worked in various bakeries, cafe's and cake shops from 2015-2021.
Zoe & Josh moved to the Sunshine Coast from Victoria in pursuit of a beachy lifestyle in 2019.

Zoe continued working for cake decorators and in cafes, until she decided she was ready to open her own space!

Zoe & Josh searched for the perfect spot to open a cake shop.
After searching for 6 months, looking at old cafe's, resturants and bakeries - a cake shop was posted online FOR SALE in Caloundra...
This was the ideal opportunity given the space was pretty much what the business required to operate.
They signed the lease and Cocoa Spice Cakery was officially open in November of 2021!

Unfortunately, come the end of 2023 they were given a 6 month eviction notice due to new ownership of the premises and plans of demolition/major set to commence start of 2024.
This was devestating as the owners put everything they had into their first 2 years of business.
Just 3 days after recieving the eviction notice, Zoe found out she was pregnant!

While they initially had plans to move into a new space, life became all a bit too hard after recieving the eviction notice...
Loss of sales due to roadworks, cost of living crisis, high rises being built next door to the shop, staff moving on/moving away, increased prices of supplies and ingredients, and an impending arrival of their first baby!

Both Zoe and Josh agreed not to push on with Cocoa Spice for now.
It didn't feel right, everything felt too hard and solutions to problems were lacking.

The business officially closed in March 2024, with baby due in May.
For now, they do not know what the future holds for this humble little cake shop.
Only time will tell!

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